Who’s Meatloaf Mom?

About Meatloaf Mom

I’m sitting here writing, deleting, not sure where to even start. How do you describe who you are in a couple paragraphs. I can’t even tell who I am on a daily basis let alone wrap it all into a pretentious description where you say…awww isn’t that nice.

But here I go, as best I can.

I was born in Bronx, NY and raised in the burbs of NYC, White Plains, New York. My parents divorced when I was about a year or so old. I have no recollection of them together…obviously. Both my parents remarried when I was little. My brother Scott and I then became step-siblings to James and Ali. And there it was, we were raised as a blended family. Both my mother and father never getting along, but always putting that to way side…for the most part and we had a very stable and happy childhood.

Fast forward and I met my love in college – Michael was standing behind the registration desk in the computer lab taking ID’s and assigning computers. He took my ID, somehow got a hold of my email address (probably not the most legit thing to be doing) but the next thing you know he wanted to make sure I had an email in my inbox and well…the rest is – well – years of ups and downs o

f finding friendship and falling in love. We were married 5 years later.



Then two years later we welcomed our first son…and those words came to reality.

 I was a mom. And three years later I was mom again and then…again.

Today, Drew (almost 12), Nathan (8) and Samantha (3.5 going on 12) are my world. Cliche yes, but true.

Oh…and I also work full time. I have since I graduated college. Make your judgements – please, I judge myself all the time. But I wear three capes everyday, “Mom” and “Wife” and “Communication Director.” There are no nannies in our life although a slew of babysitters and of course grandparents galore.

And so there it is – in a six paragraph nutshell. I’m Lori and life is nuts.

And that’s why I am here writing this blog. I literally have so many moments throughout my day I want to remember or learn from so I decided I want to take my love of 

writing and do something with it. I don’t expect you to read the posts. I don’t expect reactions. I just wanted to do this for me.  

Here we go…