Run Forest Run

Run Forest….Run

June 21, 2017

Oh geeezzzz…I literally just said it out loud. My boys are off for summer vacation. First day. And they are running around the neighborhood with their buddies, and I am a nervous wreck! This is the first summer where they are given more freedom to explore the neighborhood with friends. They each have some way to communicate with us, Drew his first phone which was given to him after he finished his first year of middle school on the honor roll. Nate we got a watch that communicates with us so we can track him and call him. I’m not used to this. I’m not used to letting the reins out a bit and not have a literal eye on them at all times.

I’m not overprotective, just not an idiot about the realities of life and the scary possibilities out there.

It’s like the story I read to Sammi all the time – Rapunzel, you are never to leave this tower, the world below is dangerous and scary.

I feel like the wicked mother – I don’t want to let them far away from the tower, where I know I can shield them. The further their bikes take them, the more anxiety I get. Is this what letting them be kids and grow up a bit means. I just hope I prepared them enough to make the right choices if they encounter..well..anything I guess.

As I just yelled out the door to Drew – run as fast as you can if anyone ever grabs you!

I’m losing my mind.

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